CRE Finance Council-Japan

CRE Finance Council-Japan plays a key role in supporting the growth and viability of commercial mortgage backed securities in that country. The chapter in Japan, which currently boasts the second largest commercial real estate market in the world, remains actively engaged in discussions with regulatory bodies on the benefits of CMBS relative to the Japanese economy. The Japan chapter is also engaged in educational initiatives to bring additional interest and knowledge to the market.

In Japan our members are working with the government to discuss how to activate the private sector’s money. Members in Japan believe the government would like to set aside a percentage-based target for funds that would be dedicated to infrastructure renovation in Tokyo and other major cities across the country to ensure new environmentally sound office buildings, and to encourage private investment in the social infrastructure sector, including commercial real estate.

Working together with regulators and other market participants, CRE Finance Council in Japan is active in its work to ensure that the government understands Japanese CMBS as a useful tool to provide sustainable long term financing to support economic growth.

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April 12, 2011
Japan Ministry Finalizes Report on Revitalizing CRE in Japan 
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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
(Japanese version)
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Nov. 9, 2010
CREFC-Japan Proposal: ‘The Development of the Financial Environment for the Support of the Urban Growth Strategy’
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